Your feelings after visiting Potrefená Husa

Your feelings after visiting Potrefená Husa 

Your feelings, impressions, ideas and possible criticism are for me valid information. Did you like our restaurants, were you very satisfied with something? Or, on the contrary, you didn't like perhaps the attitude of the staff, or the food or the drinks didn't meet your expectations?

All of this information is very important feedback for me. It will allow me to keep the high standards of our. I would like you to be a demanding customer, to point out those small details before they can become major mistakes. And please, don't be afraid of letting us know about them even at the restaurant! You have the right to get the maximum value for your money. Call the restaurant managers – they know very well what to do and how to solve a problem together with you. And please, let me know even about an elegantly solved problem.

The most important thing about your complaint is promptness. The longer it takes to tell us about a problem, the more difficult it is to prove it and solve it. For that, I will give you my personal email (). Don't hesitate to send me your impressions and feelings. I will be glad and I strongly believe that positive reactions outweigh the negative...

I'm looking forward to them and thank you for visiting Potrefená Husa.

Petr Klaus,  Executive Director