Basic Information

Basic Information 

At the end of August 2009 we are open the third branch of Potrefená Husa, this time in the borough of Prague 4 – Pankrác. We strongly believe that this new Potrefená Husa will soon become at least as successful as its sisters have been for already a long time, and that it will offer the same perfect service that you are used to from our other restaurants.

It is located right opposite the exit of the Metro station Pankrác (line C), in the middle of the rapidly growing area around Arkády Shopping Centre. You will meet there some old faces, really! Part of the service staff and cooks will come from the Potrefená Husa restaurants in Vinohrady and Dejvice. It is therefore clear that our main favourites - selected speciality cuisine and bar - will again be a guarantee of an excellent gourmet experience, good beer, pleasantly spent time and professional service.

Once again, the interiors will be completely new, in the spirit of the latest design trends, and we are already looking forward to your (we believe, very positive) reaction. And we are preparing something similar for all of the Potrefená Husa chain. Next year we will refurbish the Potrefená Husa restaurant in Vinohrady with the same design concept (actually, the interior designers of DL Studio will do it). And because we don't want to rest in our laurels, in a couple of years we will think up something completely new for the Potrefená Husa restaurant in Dejvice.

We are looking forward to your visit!!!

Potrfená Husa Pankrác – Best restaurant in Prague 4


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