How was Potrefená Husa born

How was Potrefená Husa born 

09/09/1999 After a year of preparations, with a big party we opened the first restaurant called Potrefená Husa in the Czech Republic, in Vinohradská 104 in Prague. What was this dry statement preceded by?

The block of flats where Potrefená Husa is located in Vinohrady has a rich gastronomic history. It was built in 1905. The ground floor was full of different kinds of shops belonging to traders in different fields. Around 1925 the shops were closed and “Hostinec Ke Kolínu” (Pub to Kolín) was opened. The name is because at the time, the Vinohradská Ave. (back then called Fochova) was the main road from Prague towards Kolín. In 1967 the State Company Restaurants and Diners renovated the ground floor and the restaurant was renamed Babeta. It was the first restaurant serving Chinese food in Prague and it became known throughout the city. However, at the beginning of the 1990's, after real Chinese restaurants and diners started opening in Prague, the demand for this so called “Czech Chinese” dropped dramatically. It was necessary to decide what to do next.

We decided for a cosmopolitan restaurant for well-off clients, who during the day work hard and after work “they put their ties over their shoulders” and want to drink, eat well and have fun. By coincidence, at the same time the representatives of the English brewery BAAS (then owners of Staropramen) were seen in Prague, their goal was to build a chain of brewery restaurants with the highest possible beer drinking culture. The circle was closed...

On June 6, 2002 we opened the second Prague branch of the Potrefená Husa concept, in Terronská 11, Prague 6 – Dejvice. A residential neighbourhood, very similar to Vinohrady. Once again it was a traditional place that was for many years occupied by the Orlík Restaurant, which, in the mid nineties, had lost its magic and therefore, needed a change – a renovation of the facilities and the opening of Potrefená Husa in Dejvice.

Because we believe that the mix for really good restaurant includes excellent cuisine, interior design and location, we paid special attention to the location for our "third child".

After a lengthy search, hopes, disappointments, and never-ending negotiations on the site Pankrác - one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in Prague - we look forward to our opening, the third Potrefená Husa, in a prestigious location, OCP Gemini. On the spot of a never built bus station, opposite the now disappeared Pankrác marketplace, which was replaced by the Arcade shopping centre, we are building, and at the end of August 2009 we are opening, Potrefená Husa Pankrác.