Menu - highlights

Grilled goat cheese     0,06kg     158,-CZK

with honey and almonds, Cantaloupe melon, parma ham, rocket and chicory, red wine reduction, toasted multigrain bread

Kulajda     76,-CZK

traditional creamy soup with mushrooms, potatoes, dill andpoached egg

Salad with grilled shrimps     198,-CZK

iceberg and lamb´s lettuce, rocket, cherry tomato, sesame seeds, ginger dressing and schrimps marinated in piri-piri peppers

Deep-Fried chicken wings     178,-CZK

with Buffalo / Blue Cheese sauce

Cheeseburger Chipotle     0,2 kg     286,-CZK  

burger from ground beef flank and tallow, semolina bun smeared with pomodori mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, grilled bacon, smoked chipotle pepers, sliced tomatoes and pickles, french frice

Fillet of beef on cream     186,-CZK

with creme fraiche and cranberries and bread dumplings

Pineapple parcels     98,-CZK

with mascarpone, fresh strawberries, white chocolate

Pancakes with apples and cottage cheese     98,-CZK

from yeast dough pancakes with cinnamon, cottage cheese with crea, caramelized apples with star anise and vanila


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