About Andresson&Grey s.r.o.

About Andersson&Grey, s.r.o. 

Andresson&Grey s.r.o. has operated the Potrefená Husa restaurants since 1999. To this date, we've had the pleasure to build and put into service a total of three restaurants of this prestigious and well-known brand.

The company's annual turnover is around 45,000,000,CZK and the long-term trend is progressive. Our company does not have any loans nor is in arrears with the State or with any other third parties.

Andersson&Grey employs only permanent staff, the total number of employees is around 80. Only audit services and ancillary works are outsourced. Each branch has 2 managers, who work in shifts so that one of them is always present throughout the opening hours of the restaurant. At each restaurant only one Chef is responsible for the kitchen, there are two shift supervisors that report to the chef and, like the managers, they are present throughout the opening hours of the restaurant.

The Suppliers of all our ingredients and beverages are leading companies in the field, with a guaranteed highest quality. Together with them we provide the necessary steps regarding quality of storage and processing of ingredients.

We have a complex system for the storage of ingredients and the preparation of meals with regard to preventive measures (critical control points) HACCP under the EU directive 93/43 EEC. Hygiene authorities have not issued any fines to us nor suggested any rectifying measures.

The average age of our staff is around 23 and all positions receive regular trainings.

Petr Klaus, Executive Director
Andersson&Grey s.r.o.